Product Specifications
Please read the product specifications and precautions below to ensure the correct use of the Ailia Bottle and avoid any damage or incidents.
Label for Bottle


  • For the purpose of heating, please use in accordance with the instructions and keep the owners manual for future use.
  • Do not use by persons who are unable to take care of themselves, infants, or people who are sensitive to heat.
  • When the product is energised and heated, the bottle must be placed flat, otherwise the bottle will burn out.
  • The bottle has water added to it before leaving the factory and users do not add liquid by themselves.
  • Do not rest weight or put pressure on the bottle to avoid risk of bottle exploding and hot liquid burns to skin.
  • Do not sleep with or lay in bed with as hot water bottles can cause burns. Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin.


The Ailia Bottle comes pre-filled and completely sealed. It's made up of 6 layers of high density-pvc and covered with an extremely soft flannel in our signature ailia green colour.

Simply plug in the charger and allow 8~12 minutes for the bottle to heat up (depending on your environment temperature). The red indicator light on the charger will switch off once ready.

Now you're ready to remove the charger and enjoy 1~6 hours of warmth (depending on your environment temperature).



The Ailia Bottle comes pre-filled and completely sealed. It's made up of 6 layers of high density-pvc and covered with an extremely soft flannel in our signature ailia green colour

Product Model Number


Rated Voltage


Rated Power



1. Before powering on, first lay the bottle flat on a stable surface and be sure to remove from body strap. Open the power protection cover on the surface of the bottle. Lay the power supply charger flat on the stable surface and insert the plug of the charger into the charging socket on the bottle, and then insert the power cord into a power socket Switch on the On/Off switch on the charger. The red indicator light turns on, and the electric heating starts (see Figure 1).

2. After the heating process is finished, the indicator light turns off. Please switch off the On/Off switch on the charger, then disconnect the plug from the power socket Hold the charging socket on the bottle with one hand, hold the top part of the charger with the other hand, and gently pull it off. Close the power protection cover on the surface of the bottle, now the bottle can be used after doing so (see Figure 2).


This product is a hydro-electric separation type heating and storage electric hot water bottle developed in strict accordance with AS/NZS Safety Standards. The whole series of products are designed and produced in strict accordance with the national standard, and the use is more assured. The characteristics are as follows:

1. The product adopts special hydro-electric separation type double-insulation silica gel heating wire technology, no electricity in water, uniform heating and high thermal efficiency.
2. A selection of eco-friendly soft fabrics.
3. 400W input power, energy-saving and efficient, rapid temperature rise, 8-12 minutes of power charging, temperature can reach 70°C, and can continue to keep warm for 1 hour to 6 hours, the specific holding time is different according to different temperature and usage.
4. Triple explosion-proof protection, safe and reliable. First intelligent thermostat, second is connected power supply mechanical switch,
and the third is a temperature fuse.
5. With the latest high-strength PVC fabric, it feels more comfortable and lasts longer.
6. It adopts integrated high-frequency hot-press sealing technology, which can withstand the static pressure of 80kg. The tear resistance of the outer material can reach above 12.5N, and there is no sign of leakage.
7. Product safety meets the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission


1. The power plug must be unplugged before doing external cleaning work.
2. After removing dirt on the surface of the product, wipe off with a clean, soft cloth dampened with a little detergent.
3. After cleaning, put the parts back into the packing box in terms of the original sequence, store them in a dry and ventilated place.


1. Warranty period: The product warranty is one year (subject to the date of purchase invoice, except for the electric hot water bottle, the other accessories are not covered in the warranty), failure occurs during the warranty period, and the company's specialist confirm that the fault is not caused by the user, The company will repair and replace the device free of charge but you will need to cover all costs associated with postage.

2. The courier fee is also charged for the following conditions during the warranty period:
A. Damage caused due to improper use or accident, transportation, or voltage abnormality.
B. Failure caused by the company's unapproved modification and repair, and not follow the instructions.


1. Infants, children, persons who are unable to take care of themselves, persons sensitive to heat and those who lack relevant experience and knowledge cannot use this product alone. If you need it, please use it under the guidance of a guardian, parent or care giver.
2. This product is not a toy, please ensure that infants and young children do not play with it as a toy.
3. This product should not be used by children unless the parent or guardian has set it up in advance or gives adequate guidance to the child about how to use it.
4. It must be used with the matching connector (power supply). It is forbidden to use any other power cord instead of the matching connector (power supply).
5. Do not try to microwave, boil or heat in any other way or form.
6. Do not put in washing machine or tumble dryer.
7. To be protected from electric shock, do not put the power supply, power cord, plug and bottle into water or other liquids.
8. It is forbidden to dry charge. Please always check the appliance for signs of wear or damage and do not use it if you have such an indication.
9. Do not use when the power supply is connected, and do not charge the appliance when the socket of the bag is downwards.
10. To ensure safety, unplug the power cord after heating process is done.
11. Do not place any objects on the appliance during power up and storage.
12. Allow the appliance to cool down to room temperature before storing the appliance.
13. Do not rinse with water: Do not scrub with gasoline, toluene or other strong solvents.
14. The appliance should not be next to or touch any sharp or pointed objects. Do not apply weight, force or beat it.
15. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid the hazard, it should only be replaced by the manufacturer.
16. In the event of product failure, please contact our company, please do not disassemble and repair, try to decompose or change the structure of the product, to avoid unnecessary failure and danger.
17. Do not use this appliance around bathtubs, shower spray heads, sinks or swimming pools.
18. Keep the hand warmer out of reach of children while charging electricity.
19. Do not touch the skin directly for a longtime during use to avoid burns.
20. It must be laid flat when energized, otherwise it will burn out the bottle.
21. Appliances should not be used to warm animals.
22. If the appliance is used to warm the feet, the shoes worn outdoors must be taken off.
23. It is normal to have a slight plastic smell and a liquid boiling sound when heated.
24. The user cannot perform water injection, exhaust and drainage operations on this product.
25. Check the appliance for signs of wear or tear. Do not use if there are signs of it.


1. Pease follow the above methods: If bottle is not heated (the indicator light is not on), it is caused by the safety protection device, and it can be resumed when the temperature of the bottle is lowered.

2. The bottle has been pre-filled in the factory, and the user cannot add or subtract water by themself.

3.After long-term use of the hot water bottle, gas will be generated in the bottle and expands. When the hot water bottle is inflated, the power supply device will automatically power off when the power supply device does not reach the predetermined temperature, indicating that the expanded bag body needs to be retired.

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